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ZERO LOT LINE - The construction of a building on the boundary lines of a lot. Usually built on the front line, such as a store built to the sidewalk. In some states a lot is measured from the center of a street or easement.
ZERO SIDE YARD - The building of a subdivision with each house built on a side boundary line. An easement for maintenance is given over a portion of the lot adjoining each lot.
ZONE - An area of a county or city set aside for a certain purpose where the use of the land is restricted by law - zoning ordinance. 
ZONING - The division of a city or county by legislative regulations into areas (zones), specifying the use allowable for the real property in these zones.
ZONING MAP - A map of a community showing the zones of permitted use under zoning ordinances.
ZONING ORDINANCE - A law controlling the use of land and construction of improvements in a given area (zone). 
ZONING VARIANCE - A variance within a zone.
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