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Our goal is to improve the real estate industry by assisting Top agents who wish to attract business over the Internet. To accomplish our objective we will send members periodic emails containing information on:
  • What studies say most buyers want to know. If you don't have time to track industry trends, we do it for you.
  • Recommendations on how to design a web site.
  • Answers to the questions you asked that might be of interest to others.
The Buyers-Agents.org web site will be marketed aggressively, your links pages will be marketed as well, and we will email you instructions on how you can get your site to rank well on its own. 

To be successful on the Internet your site must be found. Once found, your site must offer something of value to your guest. Accomplish these two feats and you will have a successful Internet Strategy. If you devote six hours a year following the recommendations in the member email, you will be well on your way toward achieving a successful Internet strategy. 




WebPosition Gold WebPosition Gold
To achieve a top ranking on a particular search engine you must understand how it ranks pages and design your pages to meet its requirements. WebPositionGold from First Place Software is superior to its competition. Try if free for 30 days. Learn how to obtain a top-10 ranking. This is the program that Buyers-Agents utilizes to design your search pages.

Buyers-Agents is believed to be the largest real estate referral site on the Internet due to the fact it offers a custom designed search page for each town listed in the United States Post Office zip code directory. 

FREE Real Estate Clipart

For Professional Quality Clipart visit: www.internetclipart.com and www.realestateclipart.com. Holiday clip art. This clipart is free and extremely well done.

The Gold Award rewards web sites that go above and beyond in providing real estate information.

One of the most informative sites on the Internet. This site lists Realtor's sites based on the design and content. It has a limit of one Realtor per town and a limit of three links per Realtor. There is a fee for upgraded links.


A free site that allows you to post your site to the most popular search engines.

International Real Estate Directory. This is a massive site that allows one free link. The second link is $125.00 per year. Pick your state and the town in your marketing area that you believe to be the most popular.

Vandema is the award given by Claymont and Internetseer. By registering, your site will be on one of the Internets 10 most visited real estate sites. It will provide you with automatic monitoring of up to two web sites 24/7. It will visit your site once per hour to see if it is functioning correctly and inform you if there are any problems. It is free for one or two sites.

Reals is a leading source of real estate and mortgage information on the Internet. You should request a link - its free.

Home Inspections Nationwide. Search our national database of home inspection companies. Select your Home Inspector from our detailed listing of home inspectors.