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How secure is it?

Buyers-Agents has its Merchant Account with Fleet Bank. Fleet is one of the largest banks in the United States. Fleet required the use of SkipJack for all credit card processing due to the following reasons:
  • The other credit card processors have a firewall to protect its data from Hackers. Once in, all the data is exposed. SkipJack has a firewall for its site, plus a firewall for each credit card account.
  • SkipJack's coding system is 1,000 times more difficult to break than that of any other credit card processor. This statement was true at the start of 2001 when I opened the account.
  • To further protect the credit card holder you receive an email each time your account is activated. Buyers-Agents receives a copy of this email; therefore, we both know if anyone  is attempting to make a charge against your account. 
  • The funds called for in the transaction are held in escrow for three (3) days before they are released. This gives you time to contact your credit card company and notify them to stop payment.
  • Buyers-Agents only receives the last four digits of your credit card to further protect you. These four digits are one of the many firewalls I must utilize to access your account in the event changes are required.
My first concern was to protect the security of my customers. I interviewed several banks and savings and loans. Fleet was the most expensive by far, but it offered the most security. I hope this erases any concern you may have, but if you have any additional questions, please contact me.

Clifford Roe 

email / office 727-595-7295 / cell phone 727-644-7209