Relocation Check List

Anyone planning a move should contact a moving company as soon as possible in the relocation process. Most real estate closings take place at the end of a month when moving companies tend to be booked. Movers are busiest during the summer months when relocations peak. Even if your date is tentative, the fact that you are on a mover's customer list provides you with some consideration over someone who is calling at the last minute.
The following is a handy check-list that will help you organize your move. You can highlight this list, copy, and paste it into your word processor and print it. Once it is in your word processor you can fill in the blanks and change the categories to suit your particular requirements.
New address________________________________

City, St, Zip ________________________________

Telephone (       ) ____________________________

Work Phone (      ) __________________ Ext. ____

Send Change of Address Cards:

Magazine Subscriptions

Credit Card Companies

Investment: Broker, Banker

Friends, Relatives

Notify Post Office

Doctors and Dentists



Drivers License

Register to Vote

Register Children in school

Register Dog


Telephone company

Garbage pickup

Cable TV service provider

Oil or Gas company

Electric company

Water Company

Include any other service provider that is on a schedule. (i.e. newspapers)

Important information:

Hospital ____________________________________

Doctor _____________________________________

School _____________________________________

Dentist _____________________________________

Eye Doctor __________________________________

Specialist ___________________________________

Church _____________________________________

Attorney ____________________________________

Other ______________________________________